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How to use Cypress with Laravel Sail

03 June 2022 6 minute read

I have been using Laravel Dusk for my e2e tests for some time, but the problem I have with it is that it is really slow. A couple of years ago I started play...

My first venture into Vue and Vuetify

06 February 2020 2 minute read

As part of my job I had to very often check which branch was deployed, and when, to a specific environment, usually a UAT client’s site.

Using Laravel Dusk in your CI

13 September 2019 1 minute read

Lately I have been working on a lot on a project of mine that has been lagging behind for quite some time.

How to use Rollbar in Lumen

04 December 2018 2 minute read

While working on a project, I was tasked to integrate Rollbar into it. The problem was that this was a Lumen project, and I didn’t find a package maintained ...